• Hayes Dominion A2

    Based on award-winning Dominion A4, engineered for Cross Country and Trail.   Featuring the SFL option for riders with smaller hands

    Dominion A2
  • 2018 Pinkbike Component of the Year

    Hayes Dominion A4 Brake "The Dominion brake is a winner in every sense..." --Richard Cunningham, Pinkbike.com

    Dominion A4
  • Design and Innovation Award 2019

    "On the trail, the reliable four-piston brake impresses with unprecedented levels of modulation and plenty of braking power."

  • The adrenaline shouldn't rush when you apply the brakes

    The only way you can get out there and tear it up on your mountain bike is to ride with total confidence, knowing you can harness your speed when you need to. Our 70+ years of braking experience means you can go all out because we’ve got you.