• Warranty


Hayes is so confident in the durability of our hydraulic disc brakes that we offer a conditional Lifetime Leak-proof Warranty covering the master cylinder assembly and the caliper.

The terms and conditions of this warranty are as such:

  1. The Lifetime Leakproof Warranty covers only the following brakes: Dominion A4, Prime Series, Dyno Series, Radar Series.
  2. The owner MUST register the brakes through the website after purchase.
  3. The offer is open to the original owner ONLY.
  4. The warranty covers the master cylinder and caliper assemblies ONLY.
  5. The warranty does NOT cover the brake hose.
  6. The warranty does NOT cover leaking sustained through crash damage or abuse.
  7. The warranty does NOT cover leaking due to improper service including, but not limited to, improper brake fluid, mechanical or aesthetic modifications of the master cylinder and/or caliper, or incorrect torqueing of system components.
  8. The warranty does NOT cover any of the labor or shipping costs associated with return of the brake to Hayes Bicycle Group, nor does it cover any damage or loss of the brake during shipping.
  9. The warranty claim is only accepted with a clear proof of purchase (payment receipt from the dealer).

Additionally, this warranty and Hayes’ liabilities will be void if the following occurs:

  • Improper use of the brake or damage due to a crash or abuse.
  • Using parts from other manufacturers in conjunction with the Hayes brake system.
  • Refinishing (e.g., painting or polishing) of any part.
  • Any attempt to disassemble brake systems (master cylinder, caliper, lever blade or hose).
  • Components damaged due to normal wear or improper maintenance.
  • Shipping damages or loss.