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Expanding on our award-winning Dominion A4. Our newest brake, Dominion A2, targets Cross Country and Trail riders. Dominion A2 features a two-piston caliper. Dominion A2 includes all the performance from the Dominion A4, utilizing a compact, two-piston caliper. With the Short Finger Lever (SFL) option, the  Dominion is the ideal brake option for any rider who likes one finger braking or has smaller hands. Hayes product development team set out to design a brake system specifically designed for a smaller ergonomic profile. JUNIT Dominion maintains all the power and feel of our proven Dominion A4, but accomplishes this using a specifically designed smaller and narrower brake lever. The SFL Dominion can be used in conjunction with either our Dominion A2 two-piston caliper or our Dominion A4 four-piston caliper. With optional lever sizes and two caliper choices, Dominion from Hayes Disc Brake now offers a brake that’s ideal for your application.  

With a motorsports-inspired Two-Stroke dual port bleed system, industry-leading DOT 5.1 fluid and Kevlar hose, the hydraulic system is engineered for ultimate performance across all temperatures and easy maintenance.

Dominion A2 features the proprietary QuickBite² system for fast and consistent burnish, coupled with our D-Series rotor to manage the heat with less braking noise.

MASTER CYLINDER: LoFi (Low input / High Fidelity) – Speaks to the overall system feel. Master cylinder dead stroke tech / cam profile / feel
  • Cartridge-bearings used in the brake lever
  • Aluminum piston operates smoothly across operating temperatures
  • Piston glide ring - technology pioneered in suspension forks
CALIPER: Two Stroke – Dual caliper bleed ports for maximum bleed integrity

KingPin – Structural caliper pad pin

Crosshair Caliper Alignment System – Dramatically simplifies caliper installment and alignment

  • Patented Crosshair caliper alignment screws
  • Allows mechanics and end users to quickly and accurately set brake caliper with no rubbing of the rotor on the pads
  • Eliminates guesswork and trial and error
  • Makes set up process quick and easy for ‘out of the box’ build
D-SERIES ROTOR: MRC (Modal Resonance Cancelation) – Rotor harmonic design
  • All objects have a resonant frequency
  • The FEA-optimized modal shapes of D-Series rotors is intentionally designed to oppose that of Semi-Met T106 and Sintered T100 pads; this cancels out noise and vibration translating into more consistent braking
  • 1.95mm material thickness enhances heat dissipation
QuickBite² – Offers riders the shortest path to high performance
  • Fast, consistent burnish
  • Predictable performance
  • Quiet
Variation Part Number
Front 95-36115-K101
Rear 95-36115-K102

*Shipping Available Within the USA Only

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303g (90cm hose and mount hardware)
Pad Material
T106 Semi-Metallic (Included), T100 Sintered Metallic (Included)
D-series (160,180, 203) w/ QuickBite² and MRC
Reach Adjust
Tool Free
Pad Contact Adjust
Lever Pivot
Sealed Cartridge Bearings
Pad Retention
Pad Pin Top Load
Hayes DOT 5.1
Laser Etch
Caliper Piston Size
2x 24mm



Dominion A4 Hydraulic Brake: Installation & Setup (DE)


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